is a creative agency which explores the boundaries between image and object.

Calendrier Paradisier 2017 — Design Graphique
You Are Young — Product design, Graphic design
Wezzoo Oombrella — Product design
Macki Music Festival — Graphic design
Éventail Tong — Product design
Sac Tong — Product design
Tong — Art direction
Raquette TONG — Product design
Hamac Tong — Product design
Dune pen — Product design
Dune app — Interaction Design
Les Ateliers d’Argenteuil — Graphic design, Workshop
Centre Pompidou Metz — Exhibition Design
Table Jack — Product Design
Pierres qui roulent — Illustration
Zooloo Mask — Illustration
EDF — Storytelling, Video
Asso B — Visual identity, Graphic design
Airbus — Design consulting
Leroy Merlin — Artistic direction, Product design, Scenography
District Factory — Visual identity, Graphic design
Kohler — Product Design
Acide Macaron — Illustration
Hula font — Typography
Bullitt — Graphic design, Visual identity
Cie Premières Fontes — Graphic design
Bleu Tango — Interior design, Shop fitting